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What is mental health?
Photo of Dr Lucy Maddox holding a cup of tea
Following on from the success of her new book, Dr Lucy Maddox has guest-written for Our Time on what mental health is and how it affects people.
Parenting groups in KidsTime Workshops
Portrait shot of Leonard Fagin, Our Time Trustee
Our Time Trustee Dr Leonard Fagin speaks of his experience at the KidsTime Workshops which help parents with a mental illness support their children.
Being Seen and Heard in School
Jess Streeting
In the last 20 years, I can think of many times when my understanding of what children say they need has been invaluable. Before I discovered Our Time, it was a different story.
Peter’s Story
Still of headteacher Peter Ward
Vlog: Kirsty from Our Time interviews Peter Ward who shares memories of his father who had a mental illness.
The impact of childhood trauma and how it can be addressed
Empty swing
If you work with children and young people you will have heard a lot about the impact of childhood trauma, and will probably know about trauma-informed approaches to supporting vulnerable children.
KidsTime Workshops reflection
Mishael Downer
I have witnessed the positive impact that KidsTime Workshops have on both children and parents who attend. I’ve discovered there’s a typical pattern of children starting off shy before opening up after approximately 10 minutes of arriving.
Stress – is it real?
Alan Cooklin
It is great that the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is stress; because it’s so universal, isn’t it? Or is it, and has the word become so overused and hackneyed that it's almost lost its meaning?