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Can we afford to delay mental health support in schools?
Photo of a teenage girl in a classroom looking worried
Pupils may not have access to mental health services for a decade. What will happen to the generation who are affected now? Our Time looks at the impact on young people affected by parental mental illness.
Being Seen and Heard in School
Jess Streeting
In the last 20 years, I can think of many times when my understanding of what children say they need has been invaluable. Before I discovered Our Time, it was a different story.
Helping children of parental mental illness to thrive in schools
Teenagers at school socialising
Being a young carer or coping with a parent with a mental illness will have a significant impact on a young person’s school life – both the academic and the social aspects.
A teacher’s perspective
Meet the teacher who, as an NQT, met a young girl when she was in real need of support. Find out how she supported her to build resilience.
The impact of ‘Who Cares?’ in schools
Joel Archibald young carer
Through the ‘Who Cares?’ project in school, I now recognise myself as a young carer, and that there are others like me. My peers in class now understand what my life is like, and why I am sometimes worried. I used to think that I was nobody, but it’s like ‘Who Cares?’ has given me a voice.