A family attend a KidsTime Workshop

“You’re never alone”

Derek attends a KidsTime Workshop with his wife, who has a mental illness, and their children. He spoke to us about how attending KidsTime has helped his children to open up, and helped him find guidance. 

My wife was hospitalised shortly before KidsTime started. It was bad. And I didn’t really have many links to support because my wife was so much in denial, she insisted there was nothing wrong with her and it was like a barrier. No one could get through to her. There was no support, there was a person she could see if there was a problem, there was a telephone number, but that was about it. Then the KidsTime Workshop Lead visited my house and introduced us to KidsTime. That’s when it started, my family getting back, getting help and everything from them.

My wife has been here every single month, she’s never missed one. Outside of the help and support, even just sitting in the room as it is, is lovely. It’s lovely to see my wife come to terms with everything. Even my eldest, she has also come to terms with everything. 

At the start, my littlest didn’t talk, but the influence of coming here and it being at his level, it started to bring him out of himself. KidsTime invited us in, made us warm, made us happy, made us cocoa and just settled us down. He is really a lot better now. My daughter, she was very quiet, would sit in her room all of the time. But now, because of KidsTime, we can have half an hour to 45 minutes of family time, ask ‘how has your day been?’ and we can get a nice polite answer. If anything does affect her, she can open up, get it off her chest and we can help.

If it wasn’t for KidsTime I don’t really know where I’d be. You’re never alone. There’s always someone out there who’s been there, done it, got the t-shirt. Our KidsTime Workshop is like one big family now. You’re not told what to do, but they just guide you, you meet in the middle. And it does work. I really recommend KidsTime to anyone and everybody.”

*Names have been changed. This case study has been written with the express consent of the family.