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Who are the superheroes in your life?
Superhero banner - An illustration of an old woman reimagined as a superhero
In recognition of the everyday superheroes we all know, Our Time has created some suitably heroic activities that young and old can enjoy from their home. Excelsior!
Create puppets and put on a show
A photo of a wild looking sock puppet
The best thing about puppets though is that absolutely anyone can create them in their home to bring characters, stories or great designs to life!
Will I inherit my parent’s mental illness?
Two young people talking about mental illness
Videos/Info: Most children and young people worry that they may develop or ‘catch’ the same illness as their ill parent - but you cannot catch a mental illness from anyone.
Feeling alone?
Young carer on video
Videos/Info: If you are a young carer who feels alone, this advice and information might help you.
How can I cope with the stress?
young carers at workshop
Videos/Info: Find out ways of managing stress and anxiety as a young carer or child of a parent with a mental illness.
Super holiday projects
Children in a line reading books
Planning a super project to work towards is a fantastic way to make the holidays memorable, whether you’re developing a skill, creating something amazing or simply meeting a personal goal for your own satisfaction.
Coping with the news
A worried cartoon girl surrounded by news headlines
Staying informed is no bad thing, but it's important that we balance this with care for our own mental health at the same time.
A free book to colour in or copy from
An illustration of a happy father and daughter
In line with this week's resource theme of 'don't forget self-care' Our Time has prepared a printable colouring book that the entire family can enjoy!
New fun and relaxing things to try
A small cartoon cat girl holding up an umbrella in the rain
Our Time has prepared a small selection of fun but simple activities that all ages will be able to enjoy from home. Never tried these? Great!