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The Perfect Ice Cream
Still from animation of ice cream man and girl
Video: This animation explores family mental health difficulties in a sensitive way, helping young people to understand it’s not as uncommon as they may think. 
Recommended reads
Illustration of a book titled 'recommended reads'
Check out our recommended reads for children and young people. We've compiled a list of great books, with suggestions from workshops, young people and staff.
Recommended reads
Book cover of 'The Truth Pixie' - Featuring a pixie and mouse
Our Time has compiled a list of recommended reads that may be helpful to you and your family.
Explaining why a parent is in hospital
Sally Bear booklet cover
Stories/Guides: These booklets have been created by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation to help children and young people from the age of three upwards understand their parents’ mental health problems and why they are in hospital.
Parenting with a mental illness
Girl looking into the distance
Guide: This short booklet for parents provides answers to FAQs, useful links and information about parenting with a mental illness.
A free book to colour in or copy from
An illustration of a happy father and daughter
In line with this week's resource theme of 'don't forget self-care' Our Time has prepared a printable colouring book that the entire family can enjoy!
Story stones
Story Stones
Story stones are fun to make and can be used in a variety of storytelling activities or games. Here's how to make them and use them in a range of fun ways.
Create puppets and put on a show
A photo of a wild looking sock puppet
The best thing about puppets though is that absolutely anyone can create them in their home to bring characters, stories or great designs to life!