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Lockdown resources
Family playing a game
Resource library: Trying to adjust to life during lockdown? Our Lockdown Resource section has ideas, games, videos, guidance, stories and activities for young people and their families.
When a parent has a mental illness
Young carer
Video: Chineye talks about her experiences growing up as a young carer and meets Dr Cooklin to get some explanations about what happens when someone has a mental illness.
Jas’s Story
Jas's Story
Video: This short drama follows the experiences of young carer Jas, whose mum has a mental illness. He has to look after his mum as well as his little sister, while also dealing with schoolwork and bullying classmates.
Explaining why a parent is in hospital
Sally Bear booklet cover
Stories/Guides: These booklets have been created by South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation to help children and young people from the age of three upwards understand their parents’ mental health problems and why they are in hospital.
Is mental illness contagious?
Is mental illness contagious still
Video: This film shows a group of young carers and mental health professionals discussing whether mental illness is contagious. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.
How can we support people with mental illness?
Helping someone with mental illness slide
Video: In this film, Dr Sadiq explains her role as a psychiatrist, then opens the discussion to a group of young people who give their opinions based on their own experiences. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.
Chemicals in the brain
Chemicals in the brain slide
Video: In this film, Dr Anwar tries to answer a question about what changes physically when someone has a mental illness and how medication helps. With accompanying teacher/facilitator notes.