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‘Back to school’ teacher training and PSHE modules

Our Time is providing a free one-hour, online teacher training video and PSHE modules to support students’ mental health and well-being as part of the post COVID-19 recovery curriculum. Register for training and modules.

The training is recommended for designated safeguarding leads, but is suitable for all staff in direct contact with young people. The training is pre-recorded and can be watched at teachers’ leisure.


The training will enable staff to:

  • Build confidence in approaching the topics of mental health, mental illness and trauma
  • Identify students who have been particularly affected by the pandemic
  • Develop strategies to help students re-integrate back into school life
  • Create a space for students to reflect upon and process their experiences


Our free four part PSHE module will enable students to:

  • Have a space to reflect upon and process their experiences of the ‘lockdown’ period
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mental illness and mental health
  • Re-establish structure, routines and healthy behaviours in order to be ready to re-access the curriculum
  • Equip themselves with a ‘toolkit’ of strategies to support their own and others’ mental

Available for both primary and secondary schools.

It is highly recommended that staff complete the free one-hour teacher training video before delivering the PSHE module.

Register for training and resources

The training video and the PSHE module are available on our website. Please register* to receive the training and resources.

*Please note, we will never share your data with a third party without your consent. Read our privacy policy.

For more information, please contact angela.bellew@ourtime.org.uk.


Register to receive online training and PSHE modules

Register for training and resources
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