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KidsTime Workshops target the adversities faced by young people who have a parent with a mental illness and provide a safe, supportive, welcoming environment for the whole family. Our workshops are designed specifically for families and use a multi-agency approach to work effectively across service boundaries. Each monthly session lasts around two and a half hours and caters for up to 15 families. Find out more about KidsTime Workshops.

Who can set up a KidsTime Workshop?

We’ve trained a whole variety of people to run KidsTime Workshops over the years, but expressions of interest come mostly from mental health workers, social workers, psychologists, young carers’ workers, psychiatrists, family therapists or workers with special skills such as drama or art therapy.

Where can I set up a KidsTime Workshop?

KidsTime Workshops can be set up anywhere in the UK. Here’s a list of where they are currently being run.

How do I get started?

We estimate it costs around £20,000 per year to run a KidsTime Workshop, so the first step is to raise the funds. We can help identify possible funders, support you in writing the application or bid, and attend meetings with funders. We also have some general guidance that may help.

You will need to establish a small team (of between two and five members) consisting of a clinical lead, a drama worker and a coordinator. Once the team has been created and the funding granted, a trainer from Our Time will train and certify the team.

You can read our seven step guide to getting started to find out more.

What’s the time commitment?

Each member of the team will need to commit to four hours a month to attend each of the workshops, and one member will need to commit to an additional 10-14 hours.

What does each member of the team do?

Each team member will be allocated a different responsibility, for example, organising the venue, transport or food, leading the seminar, leading the parents or the children’s groups or participating in different ways. The team member who has committed to additional hours each month will be responsible for:

  • responding to and processing referrals and enquiries
  • making transport arrangements for the families where needed
  • meeting new families at home or on-site prior to their first visit
  • providing outreach brief interventions for a small number of families

Referral and Selection

In our experience around 90% of families referred attend the workshops on more than one occasion, and both children and parents provide universally positive feedback.

Referral of suitable families may be from any source, but particularly (in order of common frequency):

  • mental health workers
  • children’s social workers
  • voluntary workers (particularly those concerned with young carers)
  • psychiatrists
  • family therapists and psychologists
  • general practitioners
  • recommendation from other families who have attended workshops

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    Seven steps to setting up a KidsTime Workshop

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    Setting up a KidsTime Workshop just takes seven steps, and we’ll help you along the way

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