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Training for schools

We know that, on average, there are six children in every classroom who have a parent with symptoms of anxiety and depression – and that figure doesn’t include children whose parents have other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Identifying children who have parents with a mental illness isn’t always easy. Without support or intervention, 70% of them will develop mental health problems in their youth, and 40% will require treatment by the age of 20.

Our Time’s ‘Who Cares?’ training enables schools and colleges to identify and support students affected by parental mental illness and raise awareness of the issue amongst their peers and staff.

The training equips staff with simple but powerful skills and key learning developed collaboratively by teachers and health professionals. The aim is not for staff to become therapists or counsellors, but to create an environment where stigma is reduced and students who have an unwell parent are supported positively and don’t feel singled out.

Our approach

Our Time uses a whole-school approach, so we encourage as many members of management and school staff to attend the first training session as possible. The second session is specifically designed for staff who are in direct and regular contact with children and young people, so you may wish to be more selective about who attends this.

Training aims

  • Build staff’s confidence around parental mental illness
  • Demonstrate how the application of staff’s existing skills can support affected students, without requiring expertise in mental health or counselling
  • Share methods to create and utilise support structures to help affected students and promote awareness amongst the rest of the student body
  • Discover what children and young people can benefit from and what their needs are
  • Consider the issue of parental mental illness as a whole school or college

Take away pack

  • Copy of materials used in the training
  • Information for SMT
  • Framework and guidelines for doing an audit of your current school support for affected children
  • Information to display in staff rooms and share with colleagues
  • Information to share with the pupils
  • Resources and guidance for staff
  • Example activities and lesson plans that are flexible, easy to implement and cost effective
  • Our Time’s video resources

Where is training delivered?

Our Time is based in London but we deliver training to schools and colleges throughout the whole of the UK.

Preparing for training

You can find out more about structure of the ‘Who Cares?’ training in our overview document. We’ve also put together a guide on how schools can support students affected by parental mental illness and what to consider.

How long is training?

Training is split into two 2.5-hour training sessions, which can take place during the day or in the evening.

What’s the cost?

The total cost for both training sessions is £600.

If you are interested in your school or college staff receiving training, please get in touch using the form below.

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    You can find out more about the ‘Who Cares?’ training, how to prepare and what to start considering in the schools’ guide

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