Ealing KidsTime Drama Facilitator

Key Information

  • Title: Ealing KidsTime Drama Facilitator
  • Reporting to: Workshop Leader/Mental Health Lead
  • Salary: £35.00 per hour
  • Hours: 6 hours per month, including planning and delivery.  The Ealing KidsTime Workshop takes place on the third Thursday of every month, excluding August, from 5-7.30pm.
  • Location: Woodlands Primary Academy, Hathaway Gardens, Greenford, London, W13 0DH
  • Contract: Minimum 12 Months

The KidsTime Workshops

These unique sessions create a safe, supportive and relaxed space for families that live with mental illness in a parent. Here, young people can express themselves amongst others in the same situation. Together, they learn about mental illness through discussion, drama and games.  Meanwhile, their parents can connect with each other, creating a supportive community of shared experience.

You can find out more about the KidsTime Workshop model here:  https://ourtime.org.uk/kidstime-workshops/

Principal Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Mental Health Lead and Coordinator to plan, deliver and monitor workshops for families where one or more parents have a mental health difficulty.
  • Design and lead the children’s drama sessions within the workshops including a range of games and exercises.  
  • Develop children’s stories into a short, basic drama that is filmed at the end of the children’s session.
  • Facilitate group discussion after showing the drama film or presenting outputs from the drama session. 
  • Keep a record of key issues discussed with the children in each group, any significant incidents that occur, and any positive or negative feedback from the group for discussion with the Mental Health Lead.
  • Work with the Mental Health Lead and Coordinator to assist with the collation of project data and evaluation for reporting to Our Time.
  • Keep up to date with new evidence and information about the challenges faced by families affected by parental mental ill-health and share this with group participants, as appropriate. 
  • Act as a positive ambassador for the KidsTime Workshops in all opportunities.

Person Specification

Essential experience 

  • Relevant experience of group facilitation.
  • Experience in drama through acting, directing or other arts training. 
  • Experience of using drama, with an emphasis on storytelling, to facilitate group work with vulnerable children and young people.

Essential skills and abilities

  • Ability to facilitate group exercises with children, young people and adults, creating a safe space, developing and modelling appropriate boundaries.
  • Ability to ensure children do not feel exposed by the stories and experiences they are sharing (e.g. use of composite stories, character names rather than participant names, with adequate debriefing).
  • Ability to engage easily with children in discussion of potentially difficult topics and to react calmly to any confusing or challenging situations at the workshops.
  • Ability to work organically with the group; adapting, being flexible and changing plans as necessary.
  • Ability to work under pressure, whist maintaining a safe, fun, playful atmosphere.
  • Ability to lead the drama sessions with playful authority, inspiring confidence, self-discovery and encouraging creativity.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills appropriate for a wide range of audiences.
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively within a team and also with a degree of independence.

Essential knowledge

  • Strong commitment to the issue of mental health and commitment to respecting diversity in all its forms.
  • Understanding of the challenges in the lives of children and young people who have a parent with a mental health problem.
  • Knowledge of safeguarding policies and procedures and an ability to react appropriately and consult with the relevant professionals when a safeguarding concern arises.
  • Knowledge of health and social care services, public health and local government bodies.

Desirable criteria

  • Degree or equivalent qualification or significant experience in the field of drama/arts/mental health.
  • Experience of working with children, young people and families in a mental health capacity. 
  • Understanding of project evaluation approaches.

Application process

Please submit a CV and a cover letter to office@ourtime.org.uk by 1st June 2022